War Thunder made an update on August 5th, 2016 that made it impossible for us, and other recording software that hooks directly, to be able to hook into the game. 

However, you can still record War Thunder by making this alteration:

  • In the installation directory for War Thunder, locate the "config.blk" file and open it in Notepad.
  • At the very top, add a new line and input this line (without quotations): "hooks:b=yes"
  • Save the config.blk file.

At this point, War Thunder should be able to record and detect properly. If you do continue to have issues even after making this change, it could be an alternate issue we'll need to investigate. At which point, I'd recommend creating a bug/feedback ticket to let us know about the issue. How to Send Client Logs.

Coincidentally, if you are on and NVIDIA desktop and on Windows 10, you can use the Desktop Recording mode to capture War Thunder.