While we don't have a function for a user to change their username by themselves, we do have the ability to have a Plays Admin change your username. If you would like to do this, here is the information that we would require:

  1. Your Current Plays.tv Username
  2. The Requested Username you would like (and preferably a second choice if the first is not available)

(Please ensure that the spelling of the Requested Username is exactly how you would want it)

Please note the following regarding your username change:

  • We are making these username changes as a courtesy. We will not do them for you repeatedly. 
  • You can check to see if a Plays name is already taken by trying to go to that page. plays.tv/u/<username>
  • After confirmation from Plays Staff, please allow 30-60 minutes for the entire process to take effect. Do not post videos or comment on videos during that time.
  • All of your Content will move to the new username. The URL will change to the new username though. Videos which include you ('Videos of You' tab) will not change and any mentions in comments or video titles of your old username will no longer hyperlink.

To make a request, please create a support ticket in our system using the following link: New Support Ticket