There are two methods for video capture that can be done: Hardware Encoding or Software Encoding. Both of these have different levels of what is required to record.

Hardware Encoding

Hardware Encoding utilizes your PC's graphics processor to record gameplay with very minor effect on framerate; this is the better option for recording. The following must be present for Hardware Encoding to work:

  • A quad core CPU or equivalent
  • 2 GB Ram
  • A Compatible Video Card (see below)

AMD: Must contain AMD's Video Coding Engine (VCE). VCE is included in AMD's Radeon HD 7700 series and newer.

Nvidia: Must contain Nvidia's Video Encoder (NVENC). NVENC is included in the Geforce GTX 600 series and newer.

Intel: Must feature Intel Quick Sync in the CPU. This would be in CPU's using Intel HD Graphics 4000 and newer.

(Note: Some earlier GPUs in the AMD HD 7700 and Geforce GTX 600 series may not have Video Encoding despite being in that series.)

Software Encoding

Even if the requirements above are not met, Software Encoding may be possible. When utilizing Software Encoding, the CPU is used primarily to perform the recording process. However, the quality of the recording may be heavily impacted resulting in lower resolution and framerate.

If you are having issues recording despite meeting the System Requirements, we highly recommend looking into our Troubleshooting Article to solve your issue.