Once you have a video recorded and showing inside the Plays Session Menu, you can start editing what clip you want to share. First click on the Session to bring it up in the Video Editing panel on the right.

  1. Play Button - Pressing this will begin playing the video at the selected time.
  2. Rewind 5 Seconds - This will take the current selected time and go back exactly 5 seconds. 
  3. Playback Speed - You can choose to play back the video at a faster speed (1.5x, 2x, or 4x) or a slower speed (.75x, .50x, .25x). Please note that .25x playback speed will not have audio.
  4. Volume - Allows you to adjust the amount of volume you're hearing when playing back the video.
  5. Add Clip Button - This button adds in a 30 second clip into the video. You can adjust the length of the clip manually.
        Note: A clip has to be added in order to "Save" or "Upload" a video. Once a clip is in the timeline, you have the option to play only what the clips will show with this button that appears next to the Add Clip button. 
  6. Bookmark Button - This adds in a bookmark into the timeline. This can be used to mark certain points you want to have in the video. Keep in mind that you can add a note to a bookmark by right-clicking it to ensure you know what is happening at that bookmark (this applies to both manual and automatic bookmarks).
  7. Bookmark Filters - If you don't want In-game bookmarks (Manual or Automatic) to show, you can filter them to clear up the timeline. 

  8. Timeline Zoom - In order to specifically grab the moments you want the clip to start and stop, you may need to zoom in. The percentage will tell you how much more it is zoomed in. 0% will show the entire timeline, while 100% will zoom in quite far showing just seconds.

Zoomed Timeline

Zoomed Out Completely

Adjusting Clip Length:

Once you have placed a clip into the timeline, you can adjust the length you want it to be, as well and click and drag specifically where you want it to be.

Once you have your clips together how you like it, you can now either Save it or Upload it!

By clicking "Save", it will just immediately save your clips into a single new video that is stored on your PC. It does not upload to Plays.tv.

When you click "Upload" it will bring up a new screen that will show a demo of what your video will look like, but also include these:

  1. Video Title/Description - Here is where you'll place the Title of your Video. You can also include @Mentions and #Hashtags
  2. Public/Private Video Toggle - If it is a Public Video, then anyone who visits your profile on the web can see the video. If you toggle it off, then it will be a private video. Only you can see it listed in your profile. Those that have the link to the video can also watch it.
  3. Save Clip Locally On Upload/Optimize for upload - If you want to save the clip you are uploading as a separate Plays video, enable this. Note that when this is enabled, you can also enable or disable optimization for the uploaded clip, which will result in the clip being of lower quality if enabled.

After that, just hit the 'Upload Video' button and let it upload. Be aware, that once it says your video has uploaded completely and you can view it on the website, you may have to wait a bit longer to get the full resolution and quality.