Plays now has a way for users to flag their videos so only those with the link can view it! There are 2 methods to do this: Before and After Uploading.

Before Uploading the video:

When sharing your video, you will have a toggle on whether you want the video Public or not. Just disable it to make it a private video. 

After the video has already been Uploaded:

On the video page, you will be able to hit the Ellipsis (or Three Dots) which expands more options. There is a choice for 'Set as unlisted'. 

Note: This will only work on videos that you have uploaded, not other user's videos.

"What makes an Unlisted video different than a normal one?"

An Unlisted video is a video on the Community that is only accessible by:

  • The Creator of the Video
  • Those who have the URL to the video specifically.

If you have a video that is labeled as Unlisted, it will show its status in the bottom right of the thumbnail:

If you're not the owner of the video, you will not see the video listed on the owner's profile: