Most issues where someone is unable to record, or recording becomes interrupted, are PC-specific and not usually a wide-spread issue that affects everyone. However, here are some things to try and look for if Plays is not recording correctly:

  1. Check the Currently known issues article if you haven't done it already.
  2. Do you meet the System Requirements for Recording?
  3. If Plays is not detecting a game at all (Still says 'Waiting for game to start') then enable the "Record elevated games" option under Settings > General.
  4. Try to do a clean installation of latest video driver for your computer
  5. Do you have enough disk space for where you're trying to record videos and where the temporary video folder is located?
  6. Is there a 3rd party program that might be causing a conflict? (Other Recorders, Screen Capturing Tools, In-game Overlays, Antivirus, etc)
    1. Certain Antivirus programs are known to remove some dll files needed for Plays to function correctly. Please check if Plays has been whitelisted and marked as safe within your Antivirus software.
  7. Check if Windows Game DVR or Windows Game Mode is enabled and disable both if any of them is enabled, then restart the computer and try to record again.
  8. Is the game heavily modded, and does removing the mod allow it to record?
  9. Ensure you're on the newest version of Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.
  10. If you're using Windows N you will need to download the Media Feature Pack which can be acquired here: Media Feature Pack List
  11. Sometimes Plays may not have installed or updated correctly. You can also try uninstalling the app completely, and then reinstall to see if it helps. 
  12. Some users have reported that signing out and back into client solved their issues.

There are also cases where specific games may not record. While it's very difficult to be up to date on every game that may potentially have an issue, here is a list of known games that may have problems recording: Problematic Games List

If the questions above do not help you discover the issue to why you cannot record, you're welcome to contact us in our Support System. How to Send in Client Logs