Plays App Update 2.2.0 (July 11, 2019)


Screenshots and Publishing

Have you captured a favorite screenshot with plays? Now you can share them with your friends just like videos! Published screenshots will be seen by your friends via your profile and timeline. Send screenshots via messaging for easy access. Previously, friends could only view them, but now they are able to comment and react. Screenshots will now also trigger relevant alert notifications for your friends and followers. We’ve also changed where and how screenshots are being saved. Your local screenshots can be seen in the local tab along side your locally saved recordings. Content that is uploaded, automatically or otherwise, will display on your uploaded tab. 


  • Clarified uploaded and local content by renaming navigation tabs

  • Clarified published content on both uploaded view and timeline

  • Improved the way screenshots and videos unfurl when linked on Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Improved the way content tiles fit in each tab

  • Improved deleting from the uploaded tab by removing multi-delete to help avoid accidentally deleting things

  • Improved the organization of the uploaded tab so you can continuously scroll to see all content that has been uploaded to your account

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where game recording may fail if the game was not in focus for some time after it launched

  • Fixed an issue where some videos would have visual artifacts

  • Fixed an issue where videos would stutter using some AMD cards

  • Fixed an issue where some recordings would fail due to an odd game window size when using AMD cards

  • Fixed an issue where recording would fail on some NVIDIA laptops

  • Fixed an issue where avatars in alert notifications looked low quality

  • Fixed issue where timeline wouldn't work for certain videos

  • Fixed an issue where “copy link” didn’t always work correctly

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