Plays App Update 2.2.8 (October 29, 2019)


We’ve made some brand new improvements to our game detection and recording, and are starting to add support for games downloaded from the Windows Store. If you’ve had issues in the past with Minecraft, be sure to check it out, and we’ve also got support for some Windows Store exclusives like Sea of Thieves. Make sure to let us know if you have issues with these as we continue to work on it and add more games! (Note: you’ll need to turn on “Record elevated games” in Settings -> General for these to work)

As always, we’ve continued to work on improving our upload speed and reliability. The Uploads tab also got an update, and the status of in-progress uploads will now be better reflected and will stick around until you dismiss them so you know if they completed successfully.


  • Video volume will now be remembered across all videos you watch in the application

  • The “Remember me” login option has been moved from Settings to the login form for ease of access

  • You can now hold ctrl/shift/alt when using the arrow hotkeys to jump back/forward in larger increments

  • Updated uploads widget with more useful states and information

  • General UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple improvements to detection and recording library

  • Fixed an issue where certain videos could not be downloaded from the website

  • Cancelling an upload will no longer show an empty error banner

  • Messages sent when users join/leave spectate sessions now show usernames correctly

Looking for past release notes? You can find them here