Plays App Update 2.1.9 (June 19, 2019)


  • Sign up and Log in have gotten a visual upgrade!

  • You can now access your account settings in the app using the gear icon next to your username


  • Navigation has received a textual update to better reflect what each tab contains

  • Onboarding modals have been updated to allow more customization of your profile

  • Account Settings is now available in the app in order to update your avatar, bio, and connected external accounts

  • Desktop Recording now works for Intel and NVIDIA laptops

  • Published videos from you and your friends now display in a more appropriate order in your timeline

  • The copy url quick link button has been made more accessible across the app

  • You can now set your webcam opacity to 0% if you’d like!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Plays couldn’t reach the encoder server    

  • Fixed an issue where full screen videos wouldn’t play the correct audio

  • Fixed an issue where saving clips was not working when using Manual Recording mode

  • Fixed an issue where Push To Talk was not working when using Desktop Recording mode

  • Fixed an issue where a video could not be deleted after creating a clip from it

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