You may have recently downloaded the new Plays App and wondered how this is different from the older legacy client. Here is a quick breakdown:

What’s In

  • Instant Replay: Re-watch up to the last 90 seconds right in your game and review later a clip or find a bookmark (depending on your recording mode) at your leisure. Learn more about this new feature here.
  • League of Legends Match Stats: Game stats and a summary will now appear right next to your footage for supported modes.
  • Video Management: New ways to manage your videos including via different views, ability to bulk delete old videos and auto-delete videos via a time parameter that you determine and set. Learn more about managing your videos here.
  • New Hotkeys: Extra shortcuts to help you navigate through your footage when editing your videos. Click here for details.
  • Updated ‘Save Clip’ Hotkey: Save up to the the last 10 minutes that just happened in your game in either Manual or Automatic recording modes.
  • Updated Bookmarks: Now usable with both Manual and Automatic Recording modes.
  • Short Notes: Add short notes on bookmarks by right-clicking it while editing the footage.
  • Profile Access: See your profile and uploaded videos directly in the new Plays App
  • Better Support: Submit a ticket about an issue or feedback through the app by going to Setting > Help and that ticket will now automatically includes your logs so we can get to the heart of your issue faster and easier.

What’s Missing But Coming Soon

  • Localization/Language support
  • Game Account Binding (League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch)
  • Defense of the Ancients (DotA) 2 Automatic Bookmarks
  • One-click Social Sharing integrations (Twitter, Facebook)

We are still currently working on the Plays App and are very aware that it currently does not have all the features from the previous client so we welcome your feedback!  Click here to submit a ticket for your requested features and we’ll take a look.