This feature exclusive for the Plays App allows you to instantly see what just happened in the game you're playing. It can be used in either Manual or Automatic Recording modes. When you start a game, there will be a quick overlay reminding you of the Hotkey set.

In the Settings, you can find Instant Replay options under the "Video" section. By default, it's set to grab the last 30 seconds, and it's bound to Ctrl+F5. You can set the hotkey to what you like, and the Replay Length can be set to as low as 5 seconds, and as high as 90 seconds!

When in-game, hit the Instant Replay hotkey to get a pop-up that will replay the amount you have set:

While viewing the Instant Replay in-game, there are buttons for Play/Pause, 5-second Quick Rewind, Video Speed Dropdown and Volume. You can also manually grab the timeline to view a specific point. Play/Pause and Fast Forward/Rewind have hotkeys you can use as well (Space and Left/Right Arrow Keys, respectively). When you're done watching the replay, you can hit the X in the top-right corner of the Instant Replay window, or simply press Esc.

Once you're done with your game, you can review the Instant Replay in 2 different ways.

   Automatic Recording: Anytime you hit the Instant Replay Button, it will create a bookmark in the Session's timeline (like in the image above). Selecting the bookmark, and hitting "Add Clip" will create the clip at the length that you have the Instant Replay set to. You can still adjust the length to your liking though. There is also a button you can press to hide all the Instant Replay bookmarks in the session video.

   Manual Recording: If you have Manual Recording enabled, and you are actively recording your gameplay, it will act like Automatic Recording and create a bookmark inside the Manual Recording's timeline. However, if you are not actively recording when the Instant Replay hotkey is pressed, Plays will instead create a new video clip which has the length you set for Instant Replay; ready to be viewed at the end of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change the size or location of the Instant Replay Window?

--Currently you can change the position of the Window, but not the size.

What Replay lengths are available?

--The current available settings are in seconds for the following amount: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 60, 90

When I go back to watch the Replay in the Session Video, I can see the Session video being played. How can I make it not do this?

--Currently we're aware of this issue and will be looking into making the overall Instant Replay experience better.

After using Instant Replay, I notice videos in my Recycle Bin. What are they?

--When you're using Instant Replay, it does have to create a separate video temporarily so that you can review the video. Once you're done reviewing it, and the bookmark is placed in the session video, it deletes the temporary Replay video and places it in the Recycle Bin.

My Instant Replay didn't work, or there appears to be some glitch. What do I do?

--This is a new feature and we're unable to test it's effectiveness on every PC configuration possible. If you run across an issue, we recommend creating a Support Ticket and explain to us what the problem is. Letting us know about these issues can help us make the product better!