Since updating to the new Plays App, I am unable to record

Solution: The new Plays app has some difficulty with detecting a game running elevated as Administrator. We recommend that you check to see if the game is running as Administrator, and if so, disable it. However, you may also try elevating the Plays app as Administrator. If that does not work, we recommend checking out the Recording Troubleshooting Article.

My App appears to be stuck on a loading screen and I cannot access it

Description: Typically you will see a gray window with the Plays logo in the center, and it won't go farther than that after quite some time.

Solution: There currently is no solution, but we're continuing our investigation.

My App says I'm not connected even though I have an internet connection

Description: Plays will appear on your desktop, but it will state that it does not have a connection. 

Solution: There currently is no solution, but we're continuing our investigation.

When I enter a game, it appears to be blocked by a black overlay that covers the gameplay

Description: The game will open but, right as Plays hooks in, a black screen will cover 90% of the screen. It will still record normally.

Solution: Several users have had luck with going to the Plays.exe Properties and running it in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Some have stated that they may need to disable fullscreen optimizations (which is located in the same compatibility tab). However, we are continuing to work on a permanent fix to avoid doing this work-around.

These are issues that we receive multiple reports of and typically follow a similar symptom, and have some matching data to support it. It does not contain issues with vague symptoms ("Not Recording", "Unable to Upload", etc) unless we have a specific reason why it is happening (Affecting a specific game, certain hardware, etc).

Keep in mind that we cannot place every single known and historic issue here. While we may not have a list of all games that are known to have issues, we will try to list games that are being specifically affected recently including new releases. We also may not list some trending issues if we're unaware of a common factor yet. If you are having a bug, and you are not seeing your issue listed here or don't think it applies to you, then we highly recommend making a user ticket with logs attached. How do I send Client Logs?