In 0.3.5, we have released the Blacklist / Whitelist functionality. This allows you to place specific exes so that Plays will always try to record them, or Plays will be prevented from hooking into them. To get to this settings, go to your Plays Settings > Advanced and scroll down until you get to "Manage Options"

The first portion under "Custom Recorded Games" is where you place Exes that you want Plays to try to record. This is mainly used to get around the global blacklist we maintain. This can help in cases where we may blacklist a game because it's crashing for a large majority of people, but maybe it works for you. In that case, you can navigate to where the exe is and it will supercede our blacklist. 

Keep in mind that adding something to this list does not guarantee that it will record. It still has to meet the requirements for recording capability, and no other errors/issues are happening to prevent recording. 

The second portion labeled "Never Record These Games" is where you can determine which games you do not want Plays to hook into at all. For example, if you never wanted Stardew Valley to record, then you could just add it to the list. This also helps if you have 2 games open at the same time, but only want a specific one to record. If you add an exe while Plays is hooked into it, you will have to restart the game before the Blacklist takes effect. 

To remove an exe from either of these lists, just hit the "X" next to the title.