Q. Where did my old Plays.tv client go?

To bring a better experience to our users, we wanted to migrate all Plays users to the new app.  You can download the new app here if you don’t already have it.  Starting October 1st, 2018, we will no longer be supporting the legacy version.

Q. What is the difference between the legacy Plays.tv client and the new Plays app?

The new Plays app makes it even easier to record, watch, and share your gameplay. From being able to now watch your friends videos in the app to new features like Instant Replay and improved video management, see the full list of features here.

Q. Will my session/clipped videos be available in the new Plays app?

Yes, they will be available in the new Plays app if they are stored to the primary Plays video folder.  They will not show, however, if they are saved locally elsewhere on your PC.  We have plans to allow users to import videos from more than one folder in the future and when that feature is available, you will be able to import your videos and clips from your PC to the new Plays app.

Q. When the new Plays app was installed on my computer, did the legacy Plays.tv client get uninstalled?

When Plays was upgraded to the newer app, we already uninstalled the legacy client from the Windows Registry. However, you may notice that the Program Files for it was left behind. This was to ensure that if something were to go wrong, we would still have a back-up. Once everything is in order, we do intend to delete that data so it's not taking up space on your PC. If you would like to delete the legacy client's Program Files data before we do, you are welcome to do so but at your own discretion.

Q. There was a problem updating to the new Plays app. How do I manually download the Plays app?

Simple!  You can download the all new Plays app here.

Q. How do I provide feedback or report an issue in the new Plays app?

You can report any technical issue directly in the Plays app by going to Settings > Help > Report a Bug. This will allow us to get a log of what you were doing so we can troubleshoot your issue. For any additional feedback or questions, you can create a ticket on our website here.

Q. Why did the Plays icon change?

We’ve updated our brand! New app = new look! Read more about what inspired us in our blog entry here.