Here are few tips and answers to frequently asked questions to help you with Plays Spectate.

Q. My Spectate connection isn’t working, is there anything I can do?

Try one or all of the following:

  • Hosts should try toggling the Spectate setting on and off in the Plays app. This will generate a new stream URL and session. You should be able to immediately have Friends join or share the link.
  • If toggling on Spectate didn't work, try quitting the Plays app and relaunching.
  • Make sure your Windows version and your drivers are updated.
  • Spectators should also try refreshing their browsers a few times.
  • Sometimes streams may start off as paused, and spectators may need to press Play to have it going.
  • If you as a host are alt+tabbed, this may also affect the spectate stream session.

Q. My friend used to see me in their friends list but can’t find me...what happened?

We just released a new feature that changes how your list is populated.  Only Friends will show up in this list. You can send them a request and once they confirm you will both be friends. Read more about Friends here.

Q. What browsers are supported?

Right now we recommend using the most up to date version of Chrome. We do have it on our radar to bring on support for Firefox and Edge in the future. 

Q. My friend tried to watch from their phone, why didn’t it work?

Currently, the best way to view your friend's stream through mobile devices is with the Plays Mobile App. You can find it in the Apple Store for iPhones or Google Store for Android phones

Q. Why can't I watch my friend playing a Windows 10 Store Game?

Currently, there is a known issue where Spectate and Instant Replay do not work for Windows 10 Store Games. If you would like to stream your Windows 10 Store Games, we suggest you use Desktop Recording Mode to record and stream.

Q. Still having issues?

Send us a ticket! If you are in the app, go to Settings > Help. If you are in a browser, use the Help button.