Imagine playing your favorite game and having your friends watch you as you play--just as if you’re all in the same room together! They can send you chat messages, emojis, and when they click on their screen, pings wills appear on your screen!

Getting started with Plays Spectate is really easy:

  1. Add Friends to your Friends list - find them through your connected social accounts or send them a request directly.
  2. Make sure that you’re allowing Spectators by toggling it on in the Uploads and Local header. This is Spectate offThis is Spectate on
  3. Start playing your favorite game!
  4. Invite your friends to spectate you!
  5. Have them interact with you through pings, Plays emojis, or chat that all appear atop your gameplay!

Depending on your internet or your viewer's internet speeds, the quality of the stream will readjust to a lower bitrate automatically. That will be indicated by the number next to the the Streaming quality text.

If it is at the highest, it will say "Max", but if the quality has shifted down, you will see a number next to it along with a different color arrow. Clicking the arrow will increase the quality back again.

If your friend is on the Plays app, they will see that you’ve started playing and can be Spectated. All they have to do is click on the eye icon that appears next to your username. They can also watch you on mobile devices! You can find it in the Apple Store for iPhones or Google Store for Android phones. They won’t be able to play with you, but they can watch and react to your gameplay.

Have fun!

For frequently asked questions about Plays Spectate, please visit this FAQ.