Now that you’ve installed the Plays desktop app, you’re ready to start recording your favorite game so you always stay in the game and never miss a moment!

To get started, pick a username then click “CLAIM” to make it yours.

Then, create your account by either using a social account to connect or a simple email and password combination. It’s that easy!

What’s next? Simply start playing your favorite PC game. Plays will automatically start recording your gameplay in the background. No additional setup required.

To get the most out of Plays, here is a quick start guide:


The first section you’ll see is the “Session” section within the Plays desktop app. There’s a lot happening here as this is the main hub of the app.

(1) Game Notification: As soon as you start gaming, this area will show the game you’re in and how long you’ve been playing. It also will tell you what kind of recording mode you’re in. The default is “Automatic” just so you don’t miss out on any gaming moment.

(2) Recordings: This area will show you any gameplay recordings that you have and also any recorded clips that you’ve created. You can play any recording, go into a recording to edit to create a clip, or even delete recordings as needed.

(3) Spectate (in Beta): When you’re Spectate-enabled, you will be able to play and have friends Spectate you. Learn more about Spectate.

(4) Friends List: Here is where you’ll see all of your Plays friends! Quickly see who is online and who is still snoozing somewhere. 


This section is where you can view your public profile.

(1) Avatar: To make edits to your avatar, you can go to, login using the same credentials, click on your avatar and upload a new image. (At this time, unfortunately, you cannot edit your avatar directly in the Plays desktop app.)

(2) Friends, Following, Followers: Here is where you’ll see how many Friends you have, how many Plays users you’re Following and how many Plays users are your Followers. Fun!

(3) Public Videos: This will show all of the videos that you’ve chosen to make public. When others visit your profile either in the Plays app or on the web, they will see all of the great clips and videos you’ve made.

(4) Friends List: Here is where you’ll see all of your Plays friends! Quickly see who is online and who is still snoozing somewhere. 


General notifications about all the fun stuff happening in Plays! Trust us: When you add friends, this won’t look so sad and lonely.


Okay--this is where it gets fun. While we’ve made it so the Plays desktop app is perfect out the gate (or installed), in “Settings” is where you can customize your experience.

We go into much more detail about each section in a separate blog article that you can find here. However, the “News” and “Help” sections are very important so keep reading to learn more:


Get the latest information or release notes about updates here.


Having an issue with the Plays desktop app? Check out the help section! You can always visit our Support page for additional articles that may be helpful.

Have fun!