Some users love to customize their Plays experience and can do so in the “Settings” section of the Plays desktop app. This guide is designed to help you identify where and what kinds of customizations are available. 

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The first section you’ll see is video preferences. Here you’ll be able to set your Recording Mode, Replay Tools (such as Bookmarks, Instant Replay, Saving Clips), Quality, and Recording Display Options.

(1) Recording Mode

The default for this mode is “Automatic” and is recommended so you don’t ever miss a gaming moment. You switch to “Manual” mode and then designate your hotkey to start or stop your recording session.

(2) Replay Tools

  • Bookmark - Set your hotkey to add a bookmark in your recording session so you can go back and easily find that moment later.

  • Instant Replay - Set your hotkey and length of time (from 5 to 90 seconds!) to re-watch was just happened while still in your game.

  • Save Clip - Set your hotkey and length of time (from 5 to 90 seconds!) to save a clip of what just happened in your game to your Recordings.

(3) Quality Presets

Set the quality of your recordings sessions in this section. We default you to “Medium” but you can go higher or lower or even customize your video resolution, framerate and bitrate to your liking.

(4) Recording Display Options

This is where you would choose to record or not record your game mouse cursor as you game.


Here you can choose to show the message that Plays is recording your game session and if you want to display the elapsed recording time.  Don’t worry--neither of these will actually show in your recording.  It’s just in the HUD.


Customize your audio output in this section. Here you can set hotkeys to that will toggle on and off whether you record your game audio and your microphone to setting the levels of the recording. Choose up to 100% of your own Windows system audio settings.


Choose to launch Plays when Windows starts and if Plays remembers you (or not!)


(1) Folders

Set where your recordings (and any temporary recordings) should be kept on your computer. You can edit this to point to a different directory.

(2) Storage

When you use Plays to record your gameplay, recorded sessions will be stored on your computer locally. If you would like to, you can let Plays auto manage the space for you. Just toggle it on and either choose the default setting or customize it.

(3) Sharing

Clips created on Plays are not stored locally on your computer unlike recorded sessions. Toggle this section on to save any uploaded clip to the same folder as your recorded sessions.

(4) Manage Games

To make it even easier, you can designate what games you’d like Plays to record and what games you don’t. Use this section to keep from having to go into the “Video” section to turn on and off your recording mode. Please note: If a game is not listed under the “Never Record These Games”, Plays will record it.


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Have fun!