You can now record your desktop using

How To

- Locate Video options in Settings

- Find the Recording Modes

- Select Desktop

- Make sure a Start/Stop recording hotkey is set

- Begin recording with the hotkey or the button link on Home

- Note: the HUD will likely not display atop your game

Minimum System Requirements

- NVIDIA desktop video card (GTX 900 series or newer - older video cards may or may work)

- Windows 10 Build 17663 (previous builds may or may not work)

- More platforms coming soon(TM)

This means it will not work on the following

- AMD video cards

- Intel iGPUs

- Intel+NVIDIA laptops

- Windows 7/8.1

Some known issues

- The Start/Stop hotkey may be blocked by Windows at times. If this happens, use the button link on Home

- The Start/Stop hotkey may not be the following buttons: F12

- Spectate may work but since the HUD is likely to not display, you will need to open your own Spectate link along side your game