Some recording problems can be fixed by doing a clean installation of the latest AMD Graphics Driver to restore outdated or corrupted video driver components, and then restart the computer after the driver installation is completed.

AMD has introduced a new clean installer utility for AMD Radeon software. Here's how to perform a clean installation of AMD video driver:

  • First, head to AMD web site and download the latest driver for your operating system version. 
  • Once you have downloaded the driver installation package, go ahead and double click the downloaded file, and then click Install

  • At the End user license agreement screen, click on the Accept and Custom install button.

  • You'll be prompted with another window, click Install at the right side of the screen.

  • At the bottom right side of the installer's user interface there is a Clean Install button, go ahead and click it.

  • The installer will then warn that a computer reboot is required once existing components have been removed, click Yes to accept and start removal of the current driver components.

  • Once the installer reboots your computer, it will continue the installation of the video driver that you originally downloaded. 

  • Wait for the driver installation to get completed, then restart your computer! The issue may persist if you don't restart the computer after doing the clean installation.